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MedDelivery Channels Overview            

Bankmed understands your needs and is keen to serve you whenever you choose and wherever you go. Bankmed has a sizeable network of conveniently located branches stretched throughout and beyond the Lebanese territory.

Visiting the branch may be inconvenient or impossible at times. Therefore, for better customer satisfaction Bankmed branch network is complemented by a cluster of ATM machines extending a menu rich of banking services enabling its valued customers to perform their banking transactions remotely round the clock.

Bankmed ensures that there are no boundaries as to when and where its customers can access their accounts. MedOnline, the bank’s internet banking service, provides continuous secure access to account information enabling its customers to carry out financial transactions and more.

MedPhone, our phone banking service is the newest and best in the country. Subscribed customers can access their card activity details and transact using the MedPhone service. Collectively with MedOnline and the bank’s ATM network these services represent a comprehensive Remote Delivery Channel.
Med-I, MedMobile, MedOnline, MedPhone.

In support of its customers Bankmed has launched its state of the art 24/7 Call Center manned by a group of customer oriented professional agents. This Non Traditional Channel is constantly available on
01 - 70 80 90.

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