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Whether you choose to work in the local market or explore regional and global opportunities, Bankmed offers you a myriad of choices at every career stage, from the undergraduate level to experienced professionals and senior executives.

We believe that fostering teamwork and nurturing the skills of all employees generate innovative thinking and promote business continuity

Our human capital is the driving force for Bankmed’s continued success. In recognition of this asset, we strive to create a healthy work environment to keep our staff motivated and able to rise to challenges to grow professionally and personally. We boost our services and activities in order to match the aspirations of our staff, while keeping pace with the fast changing model of the Lebanese and international business.

Aligning Your Aspirations to Our Values
Openness, transparency, respect, accountability, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and creativity

Our culture is marked by openness, transparency, respect, accountability, teamwork, as well as entrepreneurship and creativity. Through our open door policy, we demonstrate a respectful attitude toward our staff’s perspectives, while nurturing open communication and transparency.

At Bankmed, we operate according to our corporate signature, “You! Count.” This aspect defines the way we do business at the Bank, and we take pride in our customer-oriented culture as we respond promptly to their needs and cater fully to individuals and large corporations.

We, therefore, seek to employ individuals, who are characterized by loyalty, confidence, and commitment, and are able to share our values and vision of excellence.

Exploring a World of Opportunities

Whether you choose to work in the local market or explore regional and global opportunities, Bankmed offers you a myriad of choices at every career stage, from the undergraduate level to experienced professionals and senior executives. These opportunities span the Bank’s major business lines from Retail Banking to Corporate and SMEs Banking, Treasury, Risk, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Marketing, etc. in addition to the possibility of joining our business lines abroad. Bankmed provides you with the suitable environment in which you can utilize your talents and full potential to realize your goals.

Our People

Fatima Jamal SayyadHRIS Coordinator, Human Resources> View Profile


Degrees: Beirut Arab University, Bachelor of Science – Information Systems


Every undergraduate aspires to join an institution that embraces the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth. However, upon graduation, very few find the right workplace where they can apply the knowledge they had gathered in their college years and acquire a sense of belonging at the same time. I regard myself as lucky to join Bankmed, where I not only got the chance to put my learning into practice, but also developed new skills that helped shape my personality altogether.


At Bankmed, I developed strategic and multidisciplinary skills in addition to acquiring an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. These attributes prepared me to assume a position in the Bank’s Human Resources unit, which in turn opened new avenues for me.


Ever since, I have been working hard to maintain a level-head in times of success and challenges with the full support of my manager, co-workers. I am very happy to serve one of the leading financial institutions in Lebanon.

Mariam Hallak AbdallahSection Head, Non-Resident Banking > View Profile


Degrees : Université Saint Joseph (USJ), Bachelor’s Degree in “Advertising and Sales”




My journey with Bankmed began eight years ago when I first joined its Retail Banking unit.


I started off by designing incentive schemes and tools to assist branches increase their sales performance and service standards. Having been able to prove my capabilities, I accepted a new challenge whereby I took part in the establishment of Non-Resident Banking (NRB) unit. The NRB is an entity that aims to serve expatriates all over the world by providing a top notch banking experience. As part of Bankmed’s expansion strategy, I lead missions to Sydney, Australia, where I represent Bankmed in official events. This exciting part of my career has enabled me to address the challenges in an ever-changing market. I was also selected among a team of 24 candidates for Bankmed Talent Management Program, a condensed executive program held in collaboration with PwC, in aim to develop future leaders.


I truly take pride in being part of Bankmed, the institution that encourages and rewards innovation and constant improvement. Whatever your skill set is, if you’re committed to giving your best, you will create your own opportunities.

Vanessa MaaloufOfficer, Marketing & Communications> View Profile


Degrees: Université de Balamand – Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), Master of Arts – Multimedia Web Design (ALBA), Bachelor of Arts, Multimedia


As a Multimedia major, I have never imagined that one day I will be working in a bank. However, when I was given the opportunity to join Bankmed, I accepted this challenge in a heartbeat. Ever since I joined Bankmed in May 2014, I have been constantly exposed to an enriching work environment that has helped me to develop my skills at all levels.

Working at Bankmed not only enabled me to expand the scope of my experience in my own field, but also endowed me new insights and knowledge in the field of finance.

Moreover, the Bank’s hospitable and welcoming environment has made my shift really smooth and enjoyable. I consider it a privilege to be working in such a professional atmosphere and with supportive and considerate colleagues.

At Bankmed, I have come to appreciate more the real meaning of teamwork, which I get to experience on daily basis.

Nada Jisr RizkArea Manager, BNW - Verdun Branch > View Profile


Degrees: Chartered Financial Analyst Level III and CFA Chart holder, 2004

MBA with Distinction, Lebanese American University, Lebanon, 1997. Received the Hariri Award for Highly Distinguished Students.

BSc (Hons) Business Accounting & IT, Lebanese American University, Lebanon, 1994. Won the Hariri Award for Highly Distinguished Students.

Treasurer, the Lebanese Chartered Financial Analysis Society, 2002 – 2009.


Bankmed is a unique workplace that offers its employees deep technical expertise and a strategic view enabling them to develop at their pace without any artificial boundaries. My journey with this notable financial institution started over nine years ago, whereby I got the chance to witness the Bank’s growth and expansion. My extensive experience in corporate and retail banking coupled with hard work and proven track record of driving substantial commercial growth to improve profitability and exceed financial targets have shaped me into an accomplished, target-oriented and award-winning manager. Today, I am an area manager leading five other branches. Within this framework, I direct day-to-day operations and drive change, implement strategies, procedures and processes in order to deliver continued improvements in service quality.

As a leading financial institution that invests heavily in its staff, Bankmed has offered me the opportunity to hone my skills throughout every step of developing my career path. Hereby, I obtained the TalentPrint certificate from PwC –a two-year program targeting strategic planning and leadership with a focus on the drive to change– and Train the Trainer certificate –Art Development, Dubai. As an inspiring leader and part-time instructor (Finance, Banking Operations and CFA) at American University of Beirut, I am skilled at coaching and motivating teams to achieve goals and acknowledge outstanding performance.

Last but not least, Bankmed is characterized by its unique culture that bursts with compassionate, ambitious, and welcoming individuals. This makes me feel proud to be part of a big professional and first-class financial institution.

Talal B. KhaledActing Branch Manager, BNW – Sodeco Branch> View Profile


Degrees: Arts, Science, and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL), Master of Business Administration – General Management

Arts, Science, and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL), Bachelor of Science – Computer Sciences


Stating that I have had the honor to join bankmed may sound like a cliché. However, the point is I am truly honored to be part of a financial institution that has positioned itself at the forefront of Lebanese banks, while fully dedicating itself to its clients and investing immensely in its employees.

I joined bankmed in 2008 as a customer service representative. Ever since that date, I have had the chance to acquire wide knowledge in the banking domain, especially through the rotational program, which exposed me to most of Bankmed’s departments. This prepared me for my current position as an acting branch manager. The good customer feedback, which I have been receiving, is the main drive behind my continued commitment to excel in the clientele sector. It has also driven forth my adherence to timely reporting and targets achievement.

It is worth noting that my success is largely attributed to my managers, who have been providing me with constructive feedback and supporting me across every mile in my journey. The highly professional environment at Bankmed is key to the Bank’s and its employees’ growth, and I believe that I am quite fortunate to be a member of bankmed’s family.

Mohamad TabbaraActing Section Head, BNW - Tarik Jdideh Branch> View Profile


Degrees: Beirut Arab University, Bachelor of Arts – Finance, Banking and Custom Tax



Joining a reputable, successful, and a pioneer financial institution was my prime aim after graduation. Bankmed was the place that met my expectations. It is the place where I got the chance to enrich and develop my skills as well as my whole career. What truly distinguishes Bankmed from other places is its unique culture. At Bankmed, I understood the true meaning of teamwork, especially that everyone I have been working with has a strong sense of belonging to the Bank and strives wholeheartedly for its excellence.

My team’s mission is to reflect Bankmed’s customer-centric culture. Hence, serving customers tactfully and efficiently is and will always be our goal. My core responsibilities include a suite of administrative and clerical duties. Although this may sound a bit of a routine, but honestly, this is not the case. Every day brings in its new challenges which I look forward to.

Today and after six years of being at Bankmed I consider myself so lucky to have the opportunity to be a member of its big family.

Ghina DimachkiehActing Senior Audit Manager – Head Office & Financial Operations> View Profile


Degrees: Institute of Internal Auditors, Certified Internal Auditor, CIA - Information Systems Audit and Control Association, CISA - Lebanese American University:  Master’s in Business Administration - American University of Beirut: Bachelor in Business Administration


Ever since I was at university, I began to look for a job that suits my ambitions and educational background as well as provides me with stability and continuous growth. Luckily, I landed in Bankmed. Here, I had the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and build a promising career at the Internal Audit Division, which added value to me on a professional status.

Bankmed is a highly attractive bank in terms of opportunities, growth, experience, diversity, and openness. As a leading institution, Bankmed is committed to maintaining its good reputation and professionalism in terms of service to its clients and employees, creating as such a culture of integrity, accountability, transparency, commitment, and cooperation. It provides any employee with an attractive “Whole Package” that makes one proud and satisfied to be a member of the Bank’s big family.

The Internal Audit Division has so far been my conduit for growth. In this regard, I explored     new audit techniques which are applied, emphasizing the importance of technological tools (namely ACL) in conducting audit reviews and allowing us at the Internal Audit to complete our reviews on a continuous and population based setup.  

Moreover, Bankmed’s regional and international presence, through its branches and subsidiaries, gave me the advantage of enriching my knowledge with international regulatory requirements and exposed me to the way of doing business across borders. 

Stephanie GhanemMarket & Economic Researcher > View Profile


Degrees: Saint Joseph University, MA, Banking and Finance - Saint Joseph University, BA, Economics


Often, when fresh graduates obtain their degrees, they tend to assume that they are done with learning. However, all it takes is joining the right institution to get one to realize that learning has just started.

Since joining the Market and Economic Research team at Bankmed in 2007, I have been learning many new things, utilizing the opportunity I was given to work on an array of projects that tackle various aspects of the economy. Gradually, I have acquired more responsibilities, and I am always encouraged to improve my knowledge and develop new research skills through the preparation of reports on economic and business developments in Lebanon and the region.

The best thing about my work at Bankmed is the continuous exposure to a wide variety of challenging tasks, coupled with the collaboration with highly skilled and professional colleagues.

Chafic MouradSenior Executive Officer, Dubai> View Profile


Degrees: Institut Supérieur de Commerce International de Dunkerque (ISCID), MS.C, International Business



Joining Bankmed in October 2015 was a turning point in my career and a beginning of a challenging phase. Coming from a global bank background, I was at first cautious of the new environment I will be evolving-in going forward. The quick responsiveness of the Senior Management and the quality of my co-workers however have quickly transformed my initial apprehension into a drive to further challenge myself to achieve the international growth ambitions of Bankmed.

At Bankmed, I am rediscovering by the day the meaning of traditional commercial banking by being close to our esteemed customers and providing them adequate advise and product solutions.

Ever since I joined, my team and Management have been very supportive. It is indeed a great pleasure to work within a growth oriented financial institution and be part of the big Bankmed family.


Wassim MoubyedActing Branch Manager, Al Mina> View Profile


Degrees: University of Saint Joseph (USJ), DEA, Finance - University of Saint Joseph (U.S.J), Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration


Most fresh graduates aim to join leading institutions after they obtain their degrees, but few get lucky in this regard. I consider myself fortunate for joining Bankmed in December 2007, which marks the beginning of a successful phase in my life.

At Bankmed, I got opportunity to work with such talented and motivated colleagues and to experiment the true meaning of teamwork.

Moreover, as I demonstrated genuine efforts toward improving my skills, I was selected to take part in Retail Management Development Program (RMDP), which prepares eligible participants for managerial tasks, allowing them to achieve a higher position at an early age.

It is quite satisfying to see your efforts paying off. I am truly happy to be a member of this family and looking forward to more success.

Lama Al-WazzanOfficer, ALM & Market Risk Management> View Profile


Degrees: American University Of Beirut, MBA 
American University of Beirut, Bachelor in Business Administration
CFA – Level 1 Certificate



In January 2008, I joined the Market Risk Department at Bankmed aiming to broaden my knowledge in finance, investment banking and to be exposed to the Lebanese and regional markets.

Throughout this period, my analytical and interpersonal skills improved in a fast manner especially with my pursuit of higher education that was supported by the Bank’s Management.

I believe I am lucky to be a part of a supportive and friendly team at the Market Risk Department and the greater Bankmed family.

Joseph HajjarDepartment Head, Networks & Communication > View Profile



Degrees: DEA- Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies - 'Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI





My journey with Bankmed dates back to 1997 when I joined the Bank as “Consultant in Computer Science,” and in 2003 I was promoted to become “Head of Network and Communication Department.”


I can safely say that I am proud to be one of those people who have witnessed the Bank as it grew and expanded. Throughout the years, I drove and successfully delivered major initiatives that contributed in the realization of Bankmed business plans such as: (i) linking subsidiaries to the Head Office; (ii) designing and implementing solutions for delivery channels abroad; (iii) securing service availability and continuity for customer operation satisfaction; and (iv) defining architectural framework for Business continuity and network security.


Being only a year away from celebrating my 20th work anniversary at the Bank, I still hold a wealth of motivation and passion that I daily use to lead and motivate my team and colleagues with the following targets in mind: service excellence and more success to the Bank.

Victor MedlejRetail Management Development Program(RMDP)/ Foch Branch> View Profile


Degrees: Université Sorbonne – Paris Dauphine – USJ, Master of Business Administration,  Management of Financial Institutions 
Université Saint Joseph, Master of Arts – Economics, Banking and Financial Markets
Université Saint Joseph, Bachelor of Science – Economics


As opposed to most fresh graduates, who often grapple with the dilemma of finding the right place to work and grow, I have been lucky enough to land at Bankmed. I joined Bankmed as a Customer Service Representative in June 2009, and I knew right away that this was a place I would love to be.

At that time, the Bank was still relatively new in the Retail Banking business. Thus, I have had the opportunity to watch it grow and expanded steadily and exponentially across all of its fields. Being part of this process has presented me also a great environment and opportunity to develop, gain experience, and move forward in my career. I was also granted the opportunity and encouraged by my managers to continue my studies.

Most recently, I was selected to take part in the Retail Management Development Program, which prepares professionals, who have prove to have potential, for retail branch management roles. In fact, I am truly grateful for this opportunity as it is allowing to develop my leadership skills while I look forward toward a bigger role at the Bank.

Bankmed and I share the same vision: to grow means to work out to the best of your abilities.

Mohamad SafawiTeam Leader, Corporate Banking Division> View Profile


Degrees: Université Saint-Joseph, Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A) in Finance
Université Saint-Joseph, Maîtrise –Banking and Finance


The nature of work, culture, and reputation are the basic elements that define the workplace. Hence, ever since I joined Bankmed in November 2007, I realized that I have joined the right financial institution.

Bankmed has offered me more than a stable job; it granted me the opportunity to address new challenges on daily basis and the chance to develop my skills through continuous training. Moreover, the Bank’s culture bursts with talent, intelligence, and experience, which makes it an exceptionally enjoyable workplace. What also adds to the uniqueness is the great variety in its staff body - from the young, who spread their enthusiasm, to the expert professionals, who delightfully share their experience with you.  

Besides providing financial solutions, Bankmed is a leading Green corporation striving, as a top priority, to protect the environment. This aspect adds to my sense of belonging to Bankmed since it is truly amazing to share the same values with the institution you serve.  

Riham Al-LabbanAccounts Payables /Officer, Admin Billing> View Profile


Degrees: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards
Institute of Certified Management Accountants (IMA), Certified Management Accountant Certificate
American University of Science & Technology, Master of Business Administration
American University of Science & Technology, Bachelor of Science –Banking and Finance



Bankmed is not just a leading Lebanese bank but also an institution, whose core competencies revolve around building and enhancing its employees’ talents and skills. These aspects have made Bankmed an obvious attraction to me; hence, joining its big family in June 2010 sets the base for a successful phase in my life.

As an ambitious and achievement-oriented young finance professional, I got the chance to develop my skills and gain a rich experience in the field of accounting, specifically in accounts payables function. Moreover, my managers’ encouragement and continuous support have been key toward my increased motivation. It is indeed a great pleasure to work within such a healthy environment and be part of this notable bank.

Jessy RahalSection Head, Performance & Compensation Management/ Human Resources > View Profile


Degrees: SHRM - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)  HRCI - Certified Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP) & Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Université Saint-Joseph, Master of Arts – Human Resources Management / Université Saint-Joseph, Bachelor of Art – Translation




Bankmed is recognized as a distinguished employer brand in the banking industry, attracting professionals possessing a variety of qualifications and competencies. Since I joined in 2009, working at Bankmed has given me various opportunities on the professional level and has allowed me to recognize increased success in my career path.

I started off as a member of the Talent Management and Training team, and this opportunity allowed me to successfully address objectives of developing talents and careers at the Bank, while growing my own skills simultaneously. As a result, I got assigned as Section Head, Talent Management.

Eventually, as my career growth endured, Bankmed gave me another opportunity to realize my professional goals. Consequently, I have been transferred to the Human Resources Division - Performance & Compensation Management team. My new position requires me to assess and creatively develop a highly performing and rewarding culture that meets the requirements of the 21st century. In fact, this change attests to Bankmed’s continuous strive to empower its employees by devoting resources and capabilities that help in creating a high performing and sustainable organization.

Bankmed is a strong believer in innovation, teamwork, and effective customer service, and these strong foundations are well embedded within the organization. In fact, all employees and managers are committed to this well-established corporate culture.

I am definitely proud to be part of Bankmed’s family. 

Bassel Assah,Manager, InfoSec & Business Continuity/Infrastructure> View Profile


Degrees: Syracuse University N.Y., MSc, Computer Science
American University of Beirut, MBA, Business Administration


I joined Bankmed back in June 2006, just after I returned from the United States. At that time, I had been seeking a notable institution where I could implement what I have learned in the Information Security and Business Continuity domain, and Bankmed gave me this opportunity. 

What really distinguishes Bankmed and keeps me motivated is the Bank’s exposure to the latest technology and continuous training. While the Bank has always been a leading bank in the Information Technology and Security, it has never fallen short from doing everything to protect its customers.

Natali Mecherkani Head of Treasury Marketing Unit/ Section Head, Treasury Marketing > View Profile


Degrees: Université de Balamand Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) – Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures en Architecture d'Interieure



I had an unconventional route into the Banking Industry especially that I graduated as an Interior Designer from ALBA University. In 2002, I was offered a job at one of the prominent Lebanese banks. There, I underwent a range of training schemes that helped me develop my skills until I was promoted to Private Banker position. This opportunity enabled me to service high net worth clients and granted me access to major markets and global investment products.

In 2008, I joined Bankmed, and I am currently Head of Treasury Marketing Unit, which is responsible for developing and marketing Hedging and Investment Products to Private and Corporate clients. The last seven years provided me with diverse, challenging and fulfilling opportunities for my career progression.

My current job functions in a highly challenging environment; however, tackling these challenges is something I look forward to everyday.

Marie-Belle Jarrouj,Analyst, Balance Sheet Management/Capital Management & Financial Modeling> View Profile


Degrees: CFA Level III Candidate 
American University of Beirut, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Finance Concentration


I have always had an interest in the banking sector, and Bankmed has provided me with such a career opportunity. 

Since joining in April 2013, I have worked on several challenging assignments that have helped me grow at both, personal and professional, levels. Being part of the Balance Sheet Management division, has given me the chance to develop my skills and to integrate my academic background with real experiences. 

One of the most appealing elements at Bankmed is the culture that thrives on enthusiasm, new challenges, hard work, and the desire for continuous development.

Working at Bankmed has been a true pleasure, and I feel privileged to be part of a team that is conducive to my development, believes in the spirit of teamwork, and strives for continuous success and development.

Rana Harb,Acting Department Head, Administrative Services> View Profile


Degrees: Beirut Arab University, Master of Laws (International & Diplomatic Relations) 
Lebanese University, Bachelor of Arts in Educational Psychology


When I needed to cut a new professional path and start up in a place where I can develop my skills and realize my full potential, Bankmed opened its doors for me.

Today, after ten years as a member of Bankmed’s big family, I can tell that I am very fortunate to work in a place that reinforces hard work, values communication, invests in its human capital, supports talent development, and constantly thrives for success. 

There had been times when challenges seemed scary, but with the support of teammates and their constant encouragement, I improved and became the Acting Department Head, Administrative Services. Now I can safely say that my journey seems promising with new prospects for excellence.

Outside the Bank, I am passionate about cooking, and I celebrate each moment I spend with my three wonderful kids.

Oday El-Tbayli,Officer, Training/Talent Management &Training> View Profile


Degrees: American University of Beirut (AUB), Bachelor of Business Administration – Business Management.


The first step in my career path began in June 2011, the day I joined Bankmed. At first I was just a new regular team member finding his way to success. However, within a short amount of time, I hopped into a carousal of accomplishments as I became one of the Bank’s trainers. 

This drastic shift required serious effort, yet working within the Bankmed’s family turned every challenge into an enjoyable experience.

As a trainer, I firmly believe that focusing and committing to creating opportunities for developing myself and my fellow employees is the key to success.

I also had the chance to work with students and professors across various universities; this itself was a major turning point in my career as I became in charge of the Internship Program.

For each time you fail, an opportunity is born, and that is where success will take further than the eye could see.

Ibrahim Chammat,Relationship Manager, Financial Institutions/Financial Institutions &Trade Finance> View Profile


Degrees: Lebanese American University (LAU), Class of 2007, Bachelor of Science – Banking and Finance 


Having started my banking career directly after graduating from university, I quickly realized that I wanted to specialize in Relationship Management.

Indeed, after about six months spent learning hands-on the basics of banking, I made my start in Relationship Management, first in the Corporate Banking segment and then in Financial Institutions, handling relationships with banks and other types of financial institutions, and this is where I found myself.
Three years ago, I got the opportunity to make a career move to Bankmed and, carpe diem, I joined this distinguished financial institution.

From the beginning, I felt right at home in this remarkable work environment, where I am surrounded by warm, talented, and supportive colleagues. 

Indeed, three years down the line, I can tell that joining Bankmed has been an essential element in both my professional and personal growth, and I find myself looking forward to a bright and successful future with this fine institution.

Retaining high potential, committed and motivated staff members is crucial for business sustainability. Bankmed provides its staff members with the best packages and benefits that reflect internal and external equity. We also offer yearly rewards in recognition of good performance.

Our allowances and benefits are in compliance with the Lebanese Labor Law and the Collective Labor Agreement. Bankmed’s approach to total compensation ensures continuity through providing our staff with equal opportunities to maintain their satisfaction as well as professional growth.

Bankmed provides you with an array of benefits that include:

  • Schooling Allowances
  • Medical and Life Insurance Schemes
  • Post-Retirement Health Insurance
  • Transportation
We create the right environment for our employees to grow and connect with each other

We are passionate about what we do, and therefore, we encourage our people to add value to our inspiring environment.

Every staff member at Bankmed contributes to the Bank’s vision. We take pride in our employees, who actively participate in the various events that the Bank organizes.

This engagement underpins our staff’s true commitment, not only to their workplace, but also to the greater community that they are part of. It also serves as a great opportunity for employees to connect with colleagues from different branches and diverse business lines.

We work together and win together

Within the context of nurturing teamwork and enhancing connection, Bankmed created its own employee football and basketball teams.

Therefore, if you think that working at a bank is boring, think again.

24/7 Call Center +(961) 1 708070 or 1270 (Inside Lebanon)