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Whether you choose to work in the local market or explore regional and global opportunities, Bankmed offers you a myriad of choices at every career stage, from the undergraduate level to experienced professionals and senior executives.

We believe that fostering teamwork and nurturing the skills of all employees generate innovative thinking and promote business continuity

Our human capital is the driving force for Bankmed’s continued success. In recognition of this asset, we strive to create a healthy work environment to keep our staff motivated and able to rise to challenges to grow professionally and personally. We boost our services and activities in order to match the aspirations of our staff, while keeping pace with the fast changing model of the Lebanese and international business.

Aligning Your Aspirations to Our Values
Openness, transparency, respect, accountability, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and creativity

Our culture is marked by openness, transparency, respect, accountability, teamwork, as well as entrepreneurship and creativity. Through our open door policy, we demonstrate a respectful attitude toward our staff’s perspectives, while nurturing open communication and transparency.

At Bankmed, we operate according to our corporate signature, “You! Count.” This aspect defines the way we do business at the Bank, and we take pride in our customer-oriented culture as we respond promptly to their needs and cater fully to individuals and large corporations.

We, therefore, seek to employ individuals, who are characterized by loyalty, confidence, and commitment, and are able to share our values and vision of excellence.

Exploring a World of Opportunities

Whether you choose to work in the local market or explore regional and global opportunities, Bankmed offers you a myriad of choices at every career stage, from the undergraduate level to experienced professionals and senior executives. These opportunities span the Bank’s major business lines from Retail Banking to Corporate and SMEs Banking, Treasury, Risk, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Marketing, etc. in addition to the possibility of joining our business lines abroad. Bankmed provides you with the suitable environment in which you can utilize your talents and full potential to realize your goals.

Our People

Nahi KadiSenior Relationship Manager, Medium Enterprises Banking HO III > View Profile




A challenging workplace that offers young talents the drive and the resources to develop their potential is simply every job seeker’s aspiration. As a notable financial institution, Bankmed has been the forward-thinking environment that provided me with the right tools to grow and excel under the supervision of well-versed seniors

Ever since I joined the Bank in 2011, I have been receiving the suitable mentoring and guidance that enabled me to enhance my experience in the banking sector.

I am truly thrilled to be part of this notable institution, and I consider myself lucky to work in an environment that fostered my ability to thrive in line with Bankmed’s vision.

Dima Al-Khatib HalabiehOfficer, Management Accounting – Financial Control Division> View Profile




Joining Bankmed in May 2012 marks the beginning of my banking career. Ever since that date, I have been exposed to numerous experiences that enabled to develop my character and hone my skills.

As a leading financial institution, Bankmed granted me the opportunity to get in contact with experienced figures in the field. In fact, I am quite lucky to work under the leadership of inspiring managers and within a proactive team.

Being a member of Bankmed’s family is a privilege that will open many doors for me within this institution, which never ceases to grow while always perusing the best for its clients and employees. I see myself in safe hands and advancing towards an even better future.

Neamat SidaniRelationship Manager – Corporate Banking > View Profile



I joined Bankmed nine years ago as an Assistant Relationship Manager in the Corporate Banking Division. Ever since that time, the division has been growing and transforming at a prompt pace in line with Bankmed’s vision and mission. This provided me with an impeccable opportunity to advance in my career by developing my technical know-how through a wide exposure to diverse types of corporate clients and industries.

At Bankmed, I got the chance to learn on the job and gain stirring experience in corporate credit and relationship management. Moreover, Bankmed gave me an extensive view on the various functional areas within the Bank through its pertinent training and development programs.

Bankmed promotes a corporate culture oriented towards corporate social responsibility, which meets my values and expectations as an employee and as an individual. To me, Bankmed is a professional school, which I take pride in belonging to. 


Nour Antoun Abou-JaoudeTeller – Sin El-Fil Branch> View Profile

MY Credentials



When I first joined Bankmed as an intern at Broumana Branch, little did I know that two years down the road, I will become a full-time employee at this notable institution.

Working at branch level offered me a great exposure to the business world and assisted me in developing my communication skills and sales techniques within all capacities.

With four years of experience, I learned to deal with different character traits and acquire the necessary skills to attend to customers' queries and complaints. I also acquired patience, team-working and time management skills. From day one, I have been receiving ongoing help and support from my colleagues and managers, and I can without a doubt say, I learned from the very best.

Bilal El-SheikhBranch Manager – Saifi Branch> View Profile




As a prime Lebanese bank with high international standards and a unique culture, Bankmed’s name is attractive not only to the fresh graduates but also to experienced professionals.


I joined Bankmed in March 2014, and this step marked the beginning of a new phase in my career. Prior to joining Bankmed, I served for a period of 10 years at one of the leading international banks. However, it is at Bankmed where I got to develop my career path, especially that I received a genuine support from my managers.


Bankmed’s culture is marked by a high degree of professionalism and compassion, a fact that helped me lead a team of dynamic staff and align their efforts to meet our planned targets.  

Batoul SharifActing Officer, Operations /Designated AML/CFT officer ( RMDP) – Bliss Branch> View Profile



When I first joined Bankmed as a teller in March 2010, I was drawn to the energetic culture, global reach, and opportunities given to progress and excel. I was continuously amazed by the vibrant environment around me; my colleagues and mentors were supportive and taught me new things every day, which contributed to my success at every task at hand.  

My involvement in the sales process and trainings gave me a diverse background and empowerment. This responsibility I was given made me look forward for the bright future ahead.

Currently, I have been selected to take part in the Retail Management Development Program (RDMP) , where I  work alongside a team of productive and enthusiastic associates.

Best of all, Bankmed is not only where I work, rather, it is where I belong.

Retaining high potential, committed and motivated staff members is crucial for business sustainability. Bankmed provides its staff members with the best packages and benefits that reflect internal and external equity. We also offer yearly rewards in recognition of good performance.

Our allowances and benefits are in compliance with the Lebanese Labor Law and the Collective Labor Agreement. Bankmed’s approach to total compensation ensures continuity through providing our staff with equal opportunities to maintain their satisfaction as well as professional growth.

Bankmed provides you with an array of benefits that include:

  • Schooling Allowances
  • Medical and Life Insurance Schemes
  • Post-Retirement Health Insurance
  • Transportation
We create the right environment for our employees to grow and connect with each other

We are passionate about what we do, and therefore, we encourage our people to add value to our inspiring environment.

Every staff member at Bankmed contributes to the Bank’s vision. We take pride in our employees, who actively participate in the various events that the Bank organizes.

This engagement underpins our staff’s true commitment, not only to their workplace, but also to the greater community that they are part of. It also serves as a great opportunity for employees to connect with colleagues from different branches and diverse business lines.

We work together and win together

Within the context of nurturing teamwork and enhancing connection, Bankmed created its own employee football and basketball teams.

Therefore, if you think that working at a bank is boring, think again.

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